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Hawke Dump Trailers by Tow-Rite Manufacturing are Workhorses. From hauling materials and supplies, to disposal of scrap and waste, these trailers have proven to be real winners. Standard features of Hawke Dump Trailers include scissor hoist with power up and down 20' hand remote, two axle brakes, and deep cycle battery. Heavy Duty Lo-Profile models include 2-way rear gate can also be used as a spreader for sand and gravel, Heavy tread plate fenders, side wall reinforcement beams, sliding ramps to load equipment into the dump bed, and adjustable height couplers. Anti-clog corners prevent dirt from clinging to the inside and outside of the bed. Buy a Hawke dump trailer today and own the best dump trailer on the market!

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    Wildar Golf Carts and Trailers stocks many dump trailers for your every hauling need.  If you are looking for a dump trailer for construction, landscaping, or just everyday use around your property, we will have the right dump trailer for you.  We service Ft Pierce, Port St Lucie, Vero Beach, Sebastian, Stuart, Palm City, Okeechobee, Jupiter, and surrounding areas.  Call now!  772-595-9433